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some drawing I have done but not all of them ( if you want to see all of them go to… )




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Shelbi . . .
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
HI, I'm Shelbi you can find me on Etsy and facebook
I'm going to college as of this fall I'm totally stoked I do commissions and some requests (don't be afraid to ask cuz I might say yes) I live in the U.S. and I typically draw traditionally but I plan to improve my digital art (hopefully:/) well I hope you like my stuff!! :D (Etsy site is…)


Rodney Rook by TheLuckyStarhopper
Rodney Rook

OH GRAVY . . . I wanna get into Tecafo-St

 real bad . . . HAV - Edgar Allan Poe  I have so many ideas for this character . . . 
Name: Rodney Rook
- Age: 23
- Gender: Male
- Sexuality: Straight. . . I guess? He doesn’t think about his sexuality very frequently
- DOB: January 18 1992
- Drink: Cafè Americano
- Description of drink: Cafè Americano is an European style beverage and was created to appease tourists who wanted weaker coffee, it is created by adding hot water to espresso, it varies in strength depending on the amount of shots it has, it’s a very black drink, it contains lots of caffeine, it’s flavor is overpowering and kind of bitter, and it carries a delicious, warm, strong coffee scent.
- Cafe: Teaco Coffee (duh)
- Personality:


    -        Artistic

    -        Romantic thinker

    -        Makes awesome coffee

    -        Intelligent

    -        Strives for excellence (oddly enough)

    -        Is super excitable/ hyper! …… at night … only at night :noice: 

    -        Good listener (for serious stuff)

    -        Hard working


    -        Reads a bit

    -        Plays guitar

    -        Has a black rose tattoo on his right arm

    -        Has a pretty large crow tattoo on his back


    -        Daydreams (and actually dreams) a lot

    -        BASICALLY NEVER SLEEPS AT NIGHT!! (catches naps when he can)

    -        Seems like a rebel/ lazy employee (he’s actually pretty good at his job but) this leads to lots of arguments with his manager.

    -        Lack of sleep leads to nodding off with his eyes open, scaring people with his super poker face, and appearing drunk in the morning (he doesn’t drink)

    -        Can be pretty arrogant

    -        He pretty much has no regard for his appearance

    -        ABSENTMINDED!!! (seriously you can have a full conversation, and if you don’t make sure you have his attention he can miss the whole thing)
- Biography:

Rodney Rook is a recently graduated art student, who after a year out of school realized that it might take a while to create profitable artwork. So his options were to try to become an musician with his guitar (which probably wouldn’t be much more profitable), become a mime (which he tried but found that wasn’t as successful either), selling his teeth (nope), or becoming a barista at the new Café that was opening using his intense coffee making skills (I think you can guess which one he picked). Thus, he works his days at Teaco Coffee, and creates art at night, and turning him into the weird, artsy insomniac barista we know today.
- Likes/dislikes:


    -        art (creating, and viewing)

    -        Pride and Prejudice (and other similar books)


    -        His tattoos

    -        Beautiful people (and other stuff)

    -        Playing his guitar

    -        Sad songs

    -        the colors black, brown, and gray (he approves of the uniform)


    -        His manager yelling at him

    -        People telling him to get more sleep

    -        Burnt coffee (whyyyyDepressed )

    -        Comic sans

    -        Yams

    -        Being pranked when he accidently nods off

    -        People who take forever to order

    -        Getting drunk/ being hungover

    -        People not taking his art seriously

- Relationships: . . .  wait what? (seriously though he focused on his studies instead of making friends, but he's thinking that he might try and socialize a bit more now that he's out of school. however, his sleeping habits make it difficult to function around people during the day)

    -        He can fall asleep with his eyes open

    -        Has no memory of his parents and no living relatives

    -        His guitar is an electric guitar (sorry I probably should have specified)

    -        Lives about a block away from work so he’ll have more time to rest after his long nights

    -        Is crazy awkward around people he finds attractive

    -        Seems like a jerk, but is relatively nice (once you get to see what he’s like at night)

    -        Used to have a beard (didn’t work out)

    -        People often mistake him for being emo

for the DTA for kitterbae by TheLuckyStarhopper
for the DTA for kitterbae
Sarilain ahhhhh I really hope I win!! seriously I don't usually freak out about things like this, but this one is adorable beyond belief!!SO FLUFFY  for those who are seeing this and are totally confused look here…
also aughhhh I did sparkles but they are not showing up in the scan . . . Crying Death the Kid Emote 
welp I decided it's been a while, so I just went through the clubs that I'm a part of and just put stuff up . . . it's been a while . . .
do do do my application for Crystal Cove by TheLuckyStarhopper
do do do my application for Crystal Cove
Okay so I'm totally exhausted doing this at the very last second, hopefully I'm not too late. didn't color in the face, cuz I didn't want to. Also I didn't get my questions answered so if there's anything wrong rule wise let me know and I'll adjust it.


Name: Bartholomew
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 18th
Age: he appears to be 22
Species: 1/2 elf 1/2 human (probably not against the rules???)
Occupation: Traveler
Element: Air
Magic: Whirlwind I guess (it says Blustery Blast on the App but upon further inspection I don't think I'm allowed to do that)


+Good traits:
Laid back
Loyal to a fault
- Negative traits:
Won't back down from a fight

So Bartholomew, he's fairly upbeat and fun always looking for something exciting to do. he's great with instruments, and pretty good with crafts. He's clever enough to get out of any situation, and it takes quite a bit to get him angry. What would probably get him angry the fastest is if you mess with his friends, and when he gets mad, he gets furious. Often he's been in bar brawls (because alcohol and him don't mix well). He refuses to conform/ be told what to do which is often confused with rebelliousness. He's pretty forgetful of things, it's usually just little things, but it can bother people when he doesn't even remember their name. Plus he can be pretty moody sometimes because of his past, but he's still pretty nice despite all that.


Strengths: [at least 3]
+ knowledgable of the world
+ goes with to flow
+ kind hearted

Weaknesses [at least 3]
- Lazy
- Father issues

Likes: [at least 5]
+ new weird stuff
+ playing instruments 
+ playing around

Dislikes[at least 5]
- responsibilities 
- rude jerks/ bossy people
- his father
- tomatoes 


Bartholomew (refuses to use his last name because of his father) was born on June 18th. His father (Remius) is an elf, and his mother (Gloria) was an human, and they were married quite young. The first few years of Bartholomew's life were pretty great, just like a normal family, but one day Gloria disappeared without a trace, and supposedly no reason to explain her disappearance. After that Remius became extremely unstable, and began to compulsively drink and would repeatedly beat Bartholomew for "driving his mother away" and "being a weak excuse of an elf". when Bartholomew turned 13 he finally ran away successfully (after many past attempts obviously) he began to travel the world searching for his mother, and quickly adapted to the life style. After many years (seriously MANY years) he found his mother's grave. That day scarred Bartholomew more than any of the beatings his father gave him. Bartholomew wished he wasn't part elf, then maybe he wouldn't have lived as long to see her grave. Bartholomew was now an aimless drifter going from town to town. Eventually he got his old spirit back, but his past still haunts him from time to time (hence the brooding). He's just recently stumbled into Crystal Cove, but so far he likes it here and thinks that he might stick around for a bit.  


Loved Gifts:
“woah. . . *tear in eye* thank you. . ." 

Lapis Lazuli

Liked Gifts: 
“oh wow, thanks man!”

frying pan

Disliked Gifts: 
“ummm. . . thank you so much . . . you shouldn't have?”

watering can

Hated Gifts 
“OH GRAVY. . . WHY . . . JUST WHY. . ."asami emote EWW WTF 

maid uniform


Orientation: heterosexual
Status: single
Partner/Interest: yep still single. . . 

Just got here . . . so doesn't know anyone very well yet. . . 


. . . house?

resident elsewhere:
 I have a father, and I definitely hate his guts.


he loves coffee, shiny things, and fun times . . . yep

RP Method:

preferred methods: hm welp I'm pretty much good with anything other than skype, but I'd prefer comments, notes and chatroom
preferred styles: erm. . . script?
If you'd like to rp: leave a comment and wait patiently. . . (I'm not the best at RPing =.=)  


Want a drawing?
Selfie . . . by TheLuckyStarhopper
Darling by TheLuckyStarhopper
Moth Girl by TheLuckyStarhopper
Black Fox by TheLuckyStarhopper

full body (or almost full (please specify if you want feet!!) ):  200 points

Stitch is coffee crazy by TheLuckyStarhopper Party Hipster by TheLuckyStarhopper Hat Boy by TheLuckyStarhopper 

waist up: 100 points

hum de dum by TheLuckyStarhopper 20s Chick by TheLuckyStarhopper 

portrait: 150

American by TheLuckyStarhopper the star tree by TheLuckyStarhopper 

super intense background (or not so intense background if you wish): 100 points (plus character charge what ever it may be)

Elmo The Cat by TheLuckyStarhopper hello mr blue jay! by TheLuckyStarhopper pheonix love song by TheLuckyStarhopper 

animals: 50 points

Realistic Ginger . . . part 2!! by TheLuckyStarhopper Zebra Face by TheLuckyStarhopper 

Realistic: 950 points

(p.s. I won't draw nothing nasty which means excessive romance, zombies, nude stuff, but I will make an exception for some gore but only if it's not too crazy . . .)

WHAT THE WHAT!?! I HAVE 21 WATCHERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OILEDJFIEIELHNJ SO STINKING EXCITED I know there's that whole thing that your attitude shouldn't be based on how many people like your art and all that but I'm so glad you guys like my art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danisnotonfire: FEELS RAINBOW LA  MAN I'M SO EXCITED I MIGHT DO SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!! (like fan art from the people watching me . . . I don't know . . . just a thought . . . . you guys are so awesome :3 )


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As I get closer to graduation I come to realize that college costs a lot. Thus I'm trying to save up money to get into college and I'm trying to get through without any debt. It's gonna be hard yes I know but I think with just a little support I can do it!! :)

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